Is Somatic Therapy for Me?

Is Somatic Therapy for Me? Having lots of variety and options of therapy available for healing is absolutely wonderful!   AND, it can also be absolutely overwhelming…   I get it.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.  Decision paralysis is a real thing– having ALL the choices sounds awesome in theory, but in practice it’s a lot.    But, we are not going to let that stop us from taking the next step in our healing journey.  Let’s look more closely at Somatic Therapy and see if it could be the right fit for you.   *Would you like

What is Somatic Therapy?

So. Many. Kinds. Of. Therapy.  Which is absolutely fantastic!  We know that different people have different needs and different methods are key!… but, it can get a little overwhelming… So, what exactly is this “Somatic Therapy” you’ve been hearing about?   In the most basic sense, somatic therapy is a holistic approach to healing that recognizes and uses the connection between the mind and body. This therapy focuses on releasing stored tension, trauma, and unprocessed emotions within the body to help you get “unstuck”.   Somatic Therapy Key Principle   Somatic therapy functions under the belief that emotions become trapped

How to Find Your People?

How to Find Your People When Smothered By Addiction Community is critical for healing and recovery, but how do you find your people when you have lived an isolated and secretive life? A major aspect of living around those struggling with addiction, is secrecy. In an alcoholic family, life behind closed doors swirls in chaos and uncertainty. Often times the external world sees a brilliant facade, masking the chaos and heartache of reality. The structure and stability of this “double” life is dependent on secrecy. Shame, guilt, uncertainty, fear of safety….there are many reasons people stay quiet while living around those

How’s Your Dance With Anger?

A Chaotic Dance With Anger I had a very chaotic dance with anger. Often I found myself screaming with fire, body held in frigid tension when situations raged out of control (which is often if you live around those struggling with substance abuse disorders). I took the actions of others personally, allowing this victimization to leave me angry and disgruntled about my life and “where I had ended up”. My physical body began to revolt, digestion issues, headaches, body pains, right sciatica, ovarian cysts…..I held onto anger like a sword, ready to protect myself with the slightest confrontation.  So Much

The Magic Of Consistency

Why Is Consistency So Hard? I have changed, healed, transformed, evolved, recovered…whatever you decide to call it, I’ve shifted for the better through the magic of consistency through a daily healing practice.  For years, exuberant amounts of physical pain overran my body, learn more about that part of my healing journey here, and daily stressors amplified as those around me progressed further into their substance abuse disorders. After decades of living around those struggling with addiction, it had left me full of resentments, engulfed in rage, and emotionally unstable. I decided I needed recovery and healing. Both my physical and

Yoga Heals The Nervous System

Movement And Meditation Heal Yoga heals the nervous system with profound results. I know, I’ve experienced these healing results for years. What kind of healing am I referring to? Well, have you begun to notice some unpleasant tendencies and patterns that have popped up over the years. A bit too easily triggered into a rage of anger. Or maybe you struggle with finding joy in the simple aspects of life, and feel down and hopeless more often than not. Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed by trying to control the actions of others, without success. These emotions, feelings, and actions are

Affirmations For Acceptance

Expectations Are Fatal I have found, that the more that I am able to accept myself and my journey exactly as I am, the more I enjoy life. When I use affirmations for acceptance, my ability for compassion and love increase as well!  AND, the more I am able to love and accept others, exactly as they are. When I hold onto expectation of others, my joy goes down….when i am able to release expectations of others and accept them as they are, my joy increases. It sounds super simple right?! Well, as you know, it’s not so simple to

Control Is A Silent Killer

An Unfortunate Illusion Control is a silent killer when it comes to finding peace and joy in life. Yet, it is an incredibly common “go-to” habit for those living around loved ones struggling with addiction. As the constant unpredictability of life begins to increase, your trust begins to wain. Then, you stop trusting in the actions of those around you, and you begin to feel unsettled within your life. And remember, it’s not over night that these feeling and uneasiness creep in….it’s a slow progression over time. Like that old analogy, the “frog in boiling water.” Very slowly, your perception

“Take one step in the direction of your dreams and watch the universe perform miracles to help you.”

– Alexandra Domelle


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