Breathwork used in Somatic Therapy

Breathwork Used in Somatic Therapy The healing power that comes from breathwork and somatic therapy is a classic example of “don’t knock it, ‘til you try it!” Our breath is something that we can easily take for granted or simply not really give any attention to.  It’s happening all day, everyday without a second thought. But the power that our breath holds is incredible! It’s not just a means to get through the day, but an exceptional tool for our healing.  That’s exactly why breathwork is a current staple of my daily practice. Each day I take time to myself

Depression and Addiction: Can Somatic Therapy Help?

Depression and Addiction: Can Somatic Therapy Help? The Heidi that you get to see– the “Healing Heidi” shall we say– often gets comments like… “You just seem like such a good time!” “You are living THE life!!” “Oh my gosh, it just looks like you are having so much fun!!!” And that typically comes from what people see on the outside or on social media. I am a dancin’, cold plungin’, open-mouth-smilin’ fool, and I’m not afraid to show it! And I love that part of me!  But, that’s obviously not the whole story. The snippets we see of people’s

Meditation to Heal Somatically

Meditation to Heal Somatically We’re talkin’ MEDITATION! We’re diving into a new sensation!! Okay, yes, I know it’s not new– in fact it’s verrrrrry not new– but, it just felt like we needed a rhyme there, ya know? And I think that’s because mediation can be this big scary, intimidating topic, and I want to help break that down. Yes, mediation is powerful. It can have immense impact, and because of that there is a sense of reverence around it. That’s beautiful and well-deserved. But, it’s also just another practice. It’s another tool. It should be accessible and approachable. Let’s

Vocal Activation and Somatic Therapy

Vocal Activation and Somatic Therapy I love, love, love talking about my daily practice includes both vocal activation (chanting) and somatic therapy. It’s true. I am so incredibly passionate about healing, but I also know how overwhelming it can be to even know where to begin on your healing journey. And THAT is why I love talking about (blogging about… dancing in Reels about…) a daily practice! It’s simple. It’s accessible. It’s designed to fit into your life. And it is profoundly impactful. My daily practice currently consists primarily of movement, meditation, breathwork, and vocal activation. So, today we are

Image with text: Shame and Addiction.

Shame and Addiction – Can Somatic Therapy Help?

Shame + Addiction I spend a loooooot of time talking about addiction and healing… now. But, that definitely wasn’t always the case. For so long I lived with my pain in total silence and isolation.  It’s weird, right? Like this secret that you simultaneously feel everyone knows, but also no one will ever talk about– especially you. You keep the secret. You learn to live and keep this one (pretty all-consuming) part of your life completely to yourself. You wrap yourself in secrecy. And that leads to shame. Or maybe the shame we feel is what leads us to keep

At Home Somatic Daily Practice

Somatic Daily Practice Breakdown Living around addiction can be incredibly hard. Knowing where to start can be even harder. One way to begin your recovery is a simple and effective somatic at-home daily practice!    You know that feeling where you’re just bursting at the seams to talk about something? Like you got a new dress with pockets for $7 at the thrift store– the second someone compliments that dress you do “ohmygoshthatnkssomuchithasposcketsandwasjust7dollarcanyouebeli…”   Yeah. That feeling.   That’s exactly how I am with my daily practice and healing! It is such an integral part of my recovery AND it’s

Is Somatic Therapy for Me?

Is Somatic Therapy for Me? Having lots of variety and options of therapy available for healing is absolutely wonderful!   AND, it can also be absolutely overwhelming…   I get it.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.  Decision paralysis is a real thing– having ALL the choices sounds awesome in theory, but in practice it’s a lot.    But, we are not going to let that stop us from taking the next step in our healing journey.  Let’s look more closely at Somatic Therapy and see if it could be the right fit for you.   *Would you like

What is Somatic Therapy?

So. Many. Kinds. Of. Therapy.  Which is absolutely fantastic!  We know that different people have different needs and different methods are key!… but, it can get a little overwhelming… So, what exactly is this “Somatic Therapy” you’ve been hearing about?   In the most basic sense, somatic therapy is a holistic approach to healing that recognizes and uses the connection between the mind and body. This therapy focuses on releasing stored tension, trauma, and unprocessed emotions within the body to help you get “unstuck”.   Somatic Therapy Key Principle   Somatic therapy functions under the belief that emotions become trapped

“Take one step in the direction of your dreams and watch the universe perform miracles to help you.”

– Alexandra Domelle


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