Yoga Heals The Nervous System

Movement And Meditation Heal

Yoga heals the nervous system with profound results. I know, I’ve experienced these healing results for years. What kind of healing am I referring to? Well, have you begun to notice some unpleasant tendencies and patterns that have popped up over the years. A bit too easily triggered into a rage of anger. Or maybe you struggle with finding joy in the simple aspects of life, and feel down and hopeless more often than not. Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed by trying to control the actions of others, without success. These emotions, feelings, and actions are totally NORMAL after living around a loved one who struggles with addiction, and yoga can totally help!

Your nervous system has been super helpful for keeping you safe over these past few years, or decades while living around chaos and the disruptive cycle of addiction. And it  really has done a great job, have compassion for your journey and exactly where you are today. Find understanding for your body and mind and know when you are triggered, your body is trying to keep you safe. At the same time, if you desire more enjoyment out of life, it’s time to create intentional neural pathways and find ways to heal your highly sensitive dysregulated system. It’s time to take action towards your own healing.

How Does Yoga Heal The Nervous System?

Your nervous system can begin to heal when you  allow yourself to process emotions and past traumas in a safe and predictable environment. Within a daily practice of rhythmic movement and meditation, your body and mind begin to integrate and create new healthy neural pathways in the brain.

Dr. Bruce Perry has researched the benefits of rhythmic movement with healing trauma in great depth….helping me to realize the scientific proof of why my daily practice of movement and meditation has been so successful. He begins to explain some aspects of the brain and movement connection below:

“Because the brain is organized in a hierarchical fashion, with symptoms of fear first arising in the brain stem and then moving all the way to the cortex, the first step is brain stem regulation, this requires patterned, repetitive rhythmic activity….the brain stem is regulated by safe, predictable, repetitive sensory input…the only way you can move from these super-high anxiety states, to calmer more cognitive states, is rhythmic regulation. Patterned, repetitive rhythmic activity: walking, running, dancing, singing, repetitive meditative breathing.” Learn more about Dr. Perry here, and check out his amazing research about healing past traumas!

So, simply put….rhythmic movement heals the effected areas of the brain, allowing you to rewrite how the mind reacts to triggering situations in the environment. So, yoga heals the nervous system! And, let’s have a dance party and get rid of all this shit stored up in our bodies and mind that prevent our nervous system from living in a regulated state!

Taking Action Towards Your Healing

Shedding unwanted patterns takes time. And sometimes, I’m not up for a dance party in the middle of a highly chaotic situation, are you? So, how can you begin to heal your nervous system daily? Yoga is one way to heal the unwanted patterns, and it starts with small steps taken daily. Here’s a few tips to how to take action towards your healing:

  1. Create a practice that can go with you. My practice can go with me anywhere, TO-GO is key.
  2. Movement and meditation practices. I use kundalini yoga and kriyas to heal the unwanted patterns.
  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency…..I do the work, everyday.

What kind of resistance comes up when you start to action towards your own healing? I encourage you to investigate your undesirable patterns in your life, and notice what you would like to change. If you find resistance in taking action towards your healing, find some encouragement through this quick 8 Minute Yoga Flow To Take Action.

Begin to heal your nervous system and find enjoyment in your life, even while living around the chaotic nature of addiction. Reach out to me with any questions, I am passionate to heal and share the power of healing with others.

Sending so much light and love,


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