I have been planning, designing, imagining what it would be like to find time to “work” a few days a week on my artistic dreams. For literally months now, I have envisioned setting aside a few days a week to work from home…….not work ON my home (projects lurk in every direction with a house built in 1944)…… not work on my side-gig, which is PART of my home (I manage two Airbnb units out of our home)…… but work on my artist.

Set aside time. Carve out precious moments to create. Create yoga. Create art. Combine yoga + art as a way to share my story of healing. This journey originates from a desire deep to heal myself.

Heal from the progression of repressed emotions that have slowly squashed my joy for living and stolen my physical health.

Heal from years of stuffing uncomfortable emotions.

Heal from the daily struggles of watching people I love so dearly, sabotage their own light and love with feroucious addiction.

Heal from insecurities.

Heal from self-disgust.

Heal from regrets.

Heal from bitterness.

Heal from resentments.

Heal from anger.

Heal from anger.

Heal from anger.

One incredibly influential tool for healing and inspiration, has been the countless stories of other brave men and women who have chosen to continuously fight to understand how to live with darkness and light, and find peace. Find joy. Find compassion.

I share my stories, to give you hope. To help you realize you are not alone in the struggle for understanding how to heal, and learning how to connect to your intuition, the little voice within. I have been ignoring my little voice for a very long time. Keeping busy with all kinds of distractions. With all the things I “should” be doing. With all the activities I perpetually plan. With all the things!

My little voice says create. So I must listen. No more excuses. No more questioning what people with think. No more delay for me.

This week I did it. This week I carved out time. This week I got busy. This week….unlike any weeks before……..I decided to give myself permission to be the artist and healer I know resides within. This week I created office hours and I showed up!

Here’s what happened:

  • The office/studio/dog room/entryway…….or…….The Artistic Cultivation Lounge was fully organized.
  • I watched How-to-Block-Print videos over the web.
  • I fiddled away at linoleum squares, and made all kinds of designs.
  • I transferred the images from linoleum onto paper.

All kinds of images, and ideas that have been swirling around my mind for months and years were able to make their way out and find freedom! Some turned out good, most turned out disagreeable. Either way, they are out, and I’m free to continue to the next stage of my healing and creativity…….which awaits me just around the corner at the beginning of next week during round two of office hours!

Anything you’ve been putting off lately that your little voice is screaming for you to try!?!? Go try it! Tell me how it goes!

Below: Project Heal the Way continues with daily yoga photos outdoors.

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