Week 31 – Transformation – Project Heal the Way

“Transformation is a process, and as life hapens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.” – RICK WARREN

Long story short, over the past several months our home has been going through a complete transformation. Bathroom, kitchen and laundry room in one swoop. After years of DIY renovations on our previous and current home, we decided to hire outside help for some greatly needed renovations to our 1944 home. Much of the original kitchen was still in tact…….and though it still provided function, it wasn’t without constant irritations and frustrations. Our single bathroom served our family of three just fine, but we dreamed to have more than 6″ between the vanity and the toilet seat. And our laundry room was never finished, leaving many dangling wires, half attached light sources, and cobwebs that dared to drop on your head at a moments notice.

The timeline was a few weeks, which due to many circumstances, including the standard nature of remodels in general……. without shortages in the supply chain and pandemic surges in house renovations……….it continued onfor several months. With the house turned inside out, a dog that disagrees with unknown people in our home, sporadic snow flurries…..life turned into a dance of peculiar balance.

I watched, often painstaking, the progress slowly unfold. The beauty of transformation from tired, worn, broken cupboards to flawless, slow-hinged, white cabinetry……..permanent mildew stained tile and faucet heads to classic subway tile adorned with black and brass fixtures………chipping paint to crisp lines……..the emergence of a functional, simple, elegant space for our family to dine, cook, bathe, dance, adventure and navigate through the daily requirements took form.

The transformation period of our home has been full of challenges, lessons, tears, and beauty. Really, it’s no different than the healing journey I embarked on a few years ago. Once you begin, you desperately hope the process will be quick, not too painful and then life will proceed steadfast forward with joy and laughter shortly after. As I’ve come to experience, with all aspects of healing……spiritual, mental and physical……..the reality is much different, and more closely resembles a full blown remodel in the middle of pandemic. Slow, off-planned, disorganised, confusing, painful, life-shifting and full of so many unexpected turns. Frustration, anger, and confusion emerge, while reality is often lost. The end goal is blurred and clouded with doubt.

In the middle of this time…….the slurry of confusion……..its the small indications of transformation that sustain the hope of a better future. And this hope gives rise to continued efforts towards transforming the pain to peace.

The remodel challenged each and every routine that I had slowly built over the past few years for healing, and pushed my limits for tolerance with continuing the journey many times. My healing “non-negotiables” gave me roots to hold on tight, while every aspect of my grounding was tested. My daily sadhana kundalini practice, meditation, journaling, affirmations, and adventuring outdoors for my yoga pic…….those non-negotiables, allowed me to navigate the chaos, even if it at times it seemed as though I held on by just a string.

As the remodel comes to an end and I restructure my routines, I’m once again excited to continue sharing my weekly Adventures for Health and Healing through the blog….beyond just the yoga photo weekly updates for Project Heal the Way.

As my family and I continue to grow and emerge towards a life of health and healing, we will be sharing some of our upcoming dreams that we are tackling as an entire crew!! One new addition to our adventures is RAMONA, our 1968 Roadrunner camper. Next post I’ll share details of the mini-remodel and some of our current summer adventuring plans!

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