THE STRUGGLE IS REAL: Challenges of Living Around Addiction

Living around addiction is a real struggle

The reality of living surrounded by addiction, it’s a real challenge. Or, more honestly, it’s true pain in the ass most of the time. “Challenge” is not even a strong enough word to describe the truth of what people endure while living around addiction. Let’s dive in…….

Replaying past challenges and trauma

Sometimes, in various pockets of the mind, lie wounds so tender to touch. In an instant, they can release a flash of tears. The extreme feelings of fear and anger, often wrapped in grief, encompass they body like a crashing wave. One of those really big scary waves that suck you under the surface, thrash you around, maybe rip off you suit bottoms (literally happened to me)…..maybe you know those kinds of waves. They scare the shit out of you and leaving you gasping for air.

That’s my body when I sit with the feelings of living around addiction……it can instantly take me back to the crashing waves like it was yesterday. Even if the events happened years ago, my mental patterns can recollect the pain, and pulse the emotional energy through my entire being.

Current triggers challenges

Or, the drama is in the present. Triggers signal unpleasant emotions that swirl within. The emotions swell inside, corresponding reactions play out. Anger, irritation, disappointment roll into tension throughout the body and mind. Muscles grow tense, for me in the ankles, shoulders and neck especially. The mind begins to race and play out all the different scenarios that might be coming. The need for safety triggers the desire to control and the old mental wiring begins to rapidly fire in the deep, unhealthy grooves.

Whether the memories are stored from past events, or the actions are happening in real time, there is no escaping how these situations effect all aspects of life.

No escape

For the addict, or the loved ones, there is no escaping the pain of addiction.

The list of specifics in all the different situations could be pages, maybe books, of documentation. All the juicy drama. The chaos of the events that unfold in life when you find yourself in the middle of addiction living………screaming and yelling, items thrown and broken, robberies, hospital visits, money gone………..but the specific details of the drama are not that special. And too often, the focus of the day, month or year is centered around the drama, not on the ways in which to find calm around the drama.

The important part to understand is that everyone who lives around addiction has a different version of the chaos to share. Specifics are always different, but the emotional outcomes for most of those involved have many similarities. It is our feelings through and after the events that connect us in the need for healing.

Relationships begin to strain.

Stress mounts.

Fear rises.

Frustration grows.

Anger stews.

Shame builds.

Secrecy thrives.

Isolation becomes normal.

Joy decreases.

Adventure dwindles.

Love wains.

Compassion diminishes.

Hope fails.

Start talking through these challenges together

It is by acknowledging that we share a common thread of emotional turmoil that true healing can begin. Through NORMALIZING the conversation around living through the challenges of addiction, profound conversations emerge, walls of isolation and secrecy fade away, and a deep connection to community and life develop.

Conversations initiate inspiration and hope. And in time, mental pathways begin to change. The deeply grooved emotional highways start to take off in a new direction towards acceptance, joy and ultimate self love.

Coming soon: a post all about mental pathways and how kundalini yoga has helped me to reprogram my unwanted thought patterns.

Let’s start talking, let’s start healing

What aspects of living around addiction do you find most challenging?

Interested in finding your own calm while living around the chaos?

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