The Magic Of Consistency

Why Is Consistency So Hard?

I have changed, healed, transformed, evolved, recovered…whatever you decide to call it, I’ve shifted for the better through the magic of consistency through a daily healing practice.  For years, exuberant amounts of physical pain overran my body, learn more about that part of my healing journey here, and daily stressors amplified as those around me progressed further into their substance abuse disorders.

After decades of living around those struggling with addiction, it had left me full of resentments, engulfed in rage, and emotionally unstable. I decided I needed recovery and healing. Both my physical and mental body had been completely smothered with unhealthy patterns, storing the negative aspects of the disruptive cycle of addiction deep within every tissue of my body. I knew I needed to change, or my anger and rage would destroy me from the inside out. I began to listen to the clues of my physical body and started my healing investigation. After failing to find answers within traditional medicine, I desperately began to open my search into holistic alternatives. Then I found yoga. Coupling the mind, body and soul, I started to feel and see results.

Try, Try Again

I loved how yoga was helping me soften the sharp edges of my being. And I wanted to begin healing even more. I had heard about an ancient yoga practice that was amazing for shedding unwanted patterns and building a strong inner connection. I was intrigued and attempted to practice this style of yoga. It included a specific yoga “recipe”, to practice everyday, for 40 days. It was super challenging to stay consistent, and I failed. Not once, but over and over again. Sometimes I would make it to 30 days of practice and forget a day, oops. Then I’d start over.

After several failed endeavors, I found a group to practice with. Accountability worked. Within the group support system I was able to stay consistent in a daily movement and medication practice that I knew would help shed my unwanted patterns and heal my body, mind and spirit. Like John Maxwell says, small disciplines repeated with consistency have the power to lead to GREAT achievements over time.

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

John C. Maxwell

Consistency Works

Here are some of the life changing benefits that I’ve noticed over the years while staying consistent in my daily movement and meditation practice:

  1. Trust in myself. I can trust myself to show up in the little actions everyday, and in turn, I know I will show up for myself in the big areas of life. Overall trust, I can make things happen for myself, ie, make choices away from a victim mindset, and set crazy dreams and achieve them.
  2. I have space to release all the shit that gets stored up throughout each day in my mind and body. Through rhythmic movement I am able to heal the nervous system, slowly over time in a safe and predictable environment, which is key to healing.
  3. Through “poking and provoking” myself within 40 day practices, I create new neural pathways when faced with discomfort and triggering situations “on the mat” (I don’t ever really use a mat!). This expands my “window of tolerance” throughout all aspects of my life, helping me to respond to inevitable changes and challenges. Especially with the uncertainty of living around addiction.
  4. I can find acceptance of others, exactly where they are along their journey. Shedding judgement and expectations that build up when the heartache and disappoint of watching loved ones struggle with addiction.
  5. I have noticed an incredible softening to the flow of life. Releasing tension and enjoying life more each day.

How To Find The Magic Of Consistency For Yourself

James clear is master at this idea of consistency and finding ways to fit in your desired goals with his idea of “habit stacking”.

“One of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behavior on top. This is called habit stacking.”

James Clear

Find a habit you already have, and stack the habit you want onto it….either before or after. Whether it be habit stacking or accountability, consistency is possible…and has the power to transform you. I’m years into a daily practice now, and have witnessed remarkable results. I’ve shifted from copious amounts of anger to abundant forgiveness. Overpowering control tendencies to softening and surrendering into the flow of life. Disabling physical ailments, into a physical powerhouse (that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last summer with my family!).

Practice Everyday, Really?

Through consistency you too can find exceptional results along your recovery journey. The magic of consistency, is that you actually have to do it everyday! You can do it, consistently show up for yourself, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Start small. Choose something that is “bite-size” and can fit into your current schedule with ease. Habit stack it onto a current habit, or maybe ask a friend to join a program together. Healing starts small, and adds up over time. I’m proof. And it can work wonders for you too!

If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for my newsletter and stay informed of my group healing programs. If you want to start building trust within yourself now, check out my free 40-day yoga practice for consistency on my YouTube channel. Email me here for a free downloadable pdf to go with CONNECT – A 40 Day Yoga Journey for Consistency.

Sending you so much light and love,



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