Somatics and Kundalini Yoga?

Somatics and Kundalini Yoga?


Somatic Therapy and Kundalini Yoga fit together pretty nicely when you are looking at ways of using your body and that mind-body connection as part of your healing work.


We have discussed what exactly Somatic Therapy is already, but if you would like a refresher or the full rundown check out this post.


Now’s the time to give a quick overview of Kundalini Yoga, so we are all up to speed.


Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yoga practice that is built around activating dormant energy in the body.  This is done through yoga poses, breathwork, meditation, and chanting. Classes in this style often incorporate dynamic and repetitive movements that are intended to create heat and energy in the body.  Typically, different chants are involved and connected to the movement. Then, they use stillness and meditation to allow all the energy you created and the work that you did to integrate into your system.


It’s beautiful, challenging, funky, reverent, all at once.


Strict practitioners of this style of yoga adhere to a specific and rigid set of rules and observances– that’s not exactly how I approach it, but we’ll get into that in a bit. 


Aspects of Somatic Work Found in Kundalini Yoga


You may already be noticing that there is a fair amount of crossover between kundalini yoga and somatic work. And you are absolutely right! 


There is a similar feel of “getting out of your head and into your body.” Using movement to guide your nervous system through experiences that you may not consciously be sure how to process.


The poses and movements that are done throughout a kundalini yoga class are absolutely somatic work. The two go hand in hand.


This is likely why I am drawn to both practices so strongly, and have woven both into my daily practice.


The chanting

The simple, repetitive movements

The connection between mind and body


It all just deeply speaks to my heart and resonates with me! This is one of my favorite– and longest standing– healing tools that I use. It’s an integral part of my daily practice.


That being said…


Aspects of Kundalini Yoga that Don’t Resonate with Me (and why that’s okay)


Transparently, while I am really drawn to kundalini yoga as a whole, there are some parts of it that just don’t resonate with me:

  • The idea that you have to wear certain specific clothes to practice (typically loose, white, and covering shoulders and spine)
    • Sometimes, I have super cute athleisure outfits I rock for my daily practice… and sometimes I am literally wearing what I had on as I rolled out of bed.
  • The idea that you must always practice early in the morning
    • Truthfully, I looooove when I am able to practice first thing in the morning, and that’s what I strive for– but it doesn’t always work out that way.
  • The idea that you must practice in the same place
    • Uh…. we know your girl loves to travel– enough said.
  • The idea that you must practice for a certain (extended) length of time
    • Shorter, consistent practices are what I prefer because it’s what I can stick to and that consistency is so important for me.


In short, the rigidity of “true, traditional” kundalini isn’t for me.


Personally, it’s best for me to take the principles and the heart of kundalini that really connect with me and put them into practice when/how it actually fits into my life.


For me, even just acknowledging and being okay with not absolutely loving every part of kundalini yoga shows the healing work that I have done (and am doing because we know this is an ongoing process– thank goodness we get to have some fun and dance and chant along the way!). Tools that I bring in to support myself as I heal don’t have to be all or nothing! I don’t have to completely adhere to every single aspect of a practice OR fully and totally reject it.


That “all or nothing” mentality doesn’t serve my healing.


I take the pieces that resonate with me and I run with them! And I am here to help, cheer on, and dance with you as you do the same! Healing journeys are just as unique as the people going through them. You get to explore as many avenues and tools for healing as you would like– keep what’s right for you and release the rest.


It’s like a toolbox… (it just felt like this metaphor was begging to be fleshed out, so hang with me) You want you toolbox to be well-equipped so you have the tools you need for different situations, BUT if you buy and keep every tool that is available, regardless of if you find it helpful or not, that toolbox gets too heavy to lug around. You stop bringing it with you. It collects dust and even the tools that you did really find helpful sit unused, buried at the bottom.


Toolbox metaphor ✔️Now, we can move on to those next steps!


Next Steps


Got a few tools you’d like to take for a test run?  Perfect!  I have plenty of options for ya!


→ Join my Free Somatic Recovery Sessions where we explore movement, breathwork, meditation, and connection… the perfect first steps for exploring healing through somatic practices!


→ Check out A 40 Day Yoga Journey for Consistency!  If you are unsure of how to create your own supportive daily practice, this is a great place to start. This complete free offering takes you along for my daily practice for 40 days. Each video is about 15 to 20 minutes long and you can simply follow along and see how a practice like this feels for you! 


→ Reach out and we can chat about working together 1:1 through somatic coaching.


Sending lots of love and light to you!

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