Simple Yoga For Recovery

Codependency Is Progressive

When you have that obsessive emotional and/or psychological reliance on someone else, otherwise known as codependency, is a progressive disease. When your joy is reliant on the actions of others (for me, if my loved ones remained sober or not…we went in depth in this here), it is a huge struggle to change your habits and embrace your own recovery. It takes years to fully manifest throughout your entire life. Once you realize it has taken hold, it can be challenging to begin the process to detach from others behaviors and start your own healing. So, as overwhelming as it was, one way I began to heal was by finding simple yoga for recovery.

Hopeful Quick-Fix To Recovery

I wanted an easy solution when I began to heal. Always hoping that someone would just tell me exactly what I needed to do, then I could do it and instantly it would fix everything. So, keep in mind, there is no “cookie-cutter” healing recipe that will fix everyone equally. Each of our situations, circumstances and traumas differ greatly. Therefore, there can not be a simple “fix-all” solution. I have been cultivating my own recipe for healing over many years. Trying a multitude of tools and exploring how they resonate for me in my situation. When I look back at the beginning of the journey though, it was daunting.

Where To Start?

There seems to be a plethora of healing plans, self-help books, and instagram influencers who seem to have it all figured out, but getting started is overwhelming. Here are three of my most profound tools I found early in my journey and still use daily.

  1. Self-Care – Ok, sounds silly or too easy….. but when your life is wrapped up with others and you find yourself suffocating in codependency, this is a big step. Find one thing that you do strictly for YOU each day.
  2. Journaling – Written vomit helps to release stored up energy towards situations, and brings clarity to what I am wanting in my life. (Working through The Artist Way with Julia Cameron)
  3. Intentional Though Work – Often called affirmations or positive sayings (or in my early days I would even call it ‘crazy talk’), shifting from a negative perspective into gratitude and positivity is incredible for shedding limiting beliefs. (Books by Louise Hay, super powerful!)
  4. Yoga – Gentle yoga is where I started. Calming, relaxing and simple. I was determined to find self-care that felt safe and inexpensive. Below is a 7 minute simple and calm flow to begin finding awareness for your own healing journey.

Simple Yoga For Recovery

Candlelight Yin Yoga was offered through my gym where I had a membership. There was no extra charge, it was included in my membership. I saw people going in and out of the studio as I got ready to play in the pool with my daughter. I envied their ability to take a break from life and go do something for themselves in a beautiful space. Maybe it was jealousy that pushed me to my first class? All those fit happy yogis, so happy and relaxed, in shape and healthy. Opposite to my chaotic life while living around addiction.

So, one day I decided to take action towards my self-care, and I joined a the candlelight yin class. The most beautiful act of self-care I had chosen in years. I stopped with allowing the craziness of life to give me excuses, and I found a way to show up. It has been one of the most impactful decisions of my life.

Now, I offer you My YouTube channel that is dedicated to sharing simple healing techniques of movement and meditation through yoga. Yoga to Cultivate Awareness is a quick 7 minute flow to help shed limiting beliefs and find awareness for your own recovery. I share simple yoga for recovery weekly.
Yoga to Cultivate Awareness

Personalize Your Healing

I’d like to add meditation onto this list, but in reality, during my early stages of healing, meditation seemed very “out there”. Many of the tools I use today for incredible healing results are just a deeper exploration of the tools I used at the beginning of my journey. If you are interested in reading more on my early recovery journey, check it out here. Through continuous exploration into yoga, I discovered meditation. Recovery is constant growth and evolution.

My recovery is all about choosing to stay open. Allowing myself to transform through my current tools, investigating new ideas, and staying open to all possibilities to come. Taking with me everything that resonates, letting everything else go.

Let’s heal together! Weekly healing yoga through YouTube and daily inspiration on Instagram!


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