KILIMANJARO DAY 5: I allow myself to deeply feel

Above the clouds

The air was brisk, a standard for the mornings on the trek. Clouds sat in the distance below, as we emerged from our tents at the Barranco camp on the fifth morning. A pink glow began to sweep over the peaks of Kilimanjaro as the sun began to emerge as well. Coffee, breakfast, pack-up, and customary preparation for the climb ahead.

The famous Barranco wall

First up, the 1000 ft vertical, famed Barranco wall. Hands and feet, both on deck for this portion of the climb. The pace was slow, as many climbers attempt the to face the wall early in the morning. We would wait for those in front to finish a portion, then crawl in a vertical fashion upward. Porters passing, agile in their moves, strength prominent as they glided with ease over the challenging passages of rock. The beauty of their stamina and determination, never ceased to amaze our team of climbers. Always grateful for their support and help in our push towards the summit.

Up and over the wall we were greeted with spectacular views of Kilimanjaro and cloud layer beneath. Endless blue skies above, white magical clouds below. We took a moment as to deeply enjoy the surroundings. Physical exertions meet with outreaching beauty, as far as the eyes could see. The fatigue of the climb, amplifying the emotions generated upon reaching the far-reaching expanse of the world above the clouds.

The pause was brief, but just enough to fill the soul with stunning amazement before trekking onwards. With photos, hydration and conversations complete, we were back on the trail.

To Karanga camp

We winded gradually down and around, up and around….into the arctic zone of Kili. The path was mellow and our energy slowly replenished after the wall climb. A few hours of easy terrain, followed by a dusty route down into the Karanga Valley. With a final push up out of the valley we arrived at Karanga camp for the evening.

Plenty of time for resting, eating, journaling, yoga. The sunset was remarkable, glowing across the clouds that hovered below, turning the sky a variety of shades of pinks and purples. The air was crisp, and the blazing heat of the day quickly dissipated as the sun fell below the horizon. With parkas on we prepared for bed. Bed always ensued shortly after the sun set and our belly were full.

Day 5 complete, the wall traversed and valley crossed. One more full day of climbing before summit night. Another successful day in the adventures towards the summit of Kilimanjaro.

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