Is The Cycle of Addiction Stealing Your Joy?

Their addiction Is Stealing My Joy

For years my joy was dependent on the sobriety of others. When their recovery was going well, I would allow myself to feel joy, and see hope. As soon as their recovery started to flounder, so did I. The joy, peace and enjoyment of my life correlated directly with the up and down cycles of my loved ones addiction. I did not understand how to stop the cycle of their addiction from stealing my joy.

If you live around loved ones struggling with addiction, you might understand a life centered around the recovery and actions of the addict. A glimmer of hope with threes weeks of sobriety, instantly crushed when their journey leads them back their addiction. The cycle of disappointment, anger, and uncertainty unfold. Shame and secrecy lead to mistrust, frustration and fear. If you find yourself ready to just explode within a situation, read this blog for help maintaining your ability to stay calm and find awareness.

When you live in this continuous pattern of uncertainty, you build thought patterns and actions that contribute to the dismantling of your joy. Many times these thought patterns turn into limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the cycle of uncertainty.

Limiting Beliefs That Arise

Let’s investigate some of the limiting beliefs that arise while living around addiction. Then, let’s discuss how we can begin to rewire. Do you recognize any of these thoughts:

  1. If they could just quit, then I could be happy again.
  2. Life could return to normal if they would just stop this crazy addiction.
  3. They have the problem, not me.
  4. Their addiction is ruining my life, my children’s life, my parents life, my friends life…..

Limiting beliefs keep us stuck in the victim mindset. A victim mindset is one where you believe that no matter what, bad things are going to keep happening to you and that you have no power over changing your circumstances which have led to these bad situations. Pretty much, you’re SOL (shit out of luck) and nothing can fix it, and none of it is your fault.

Overall, limiting beliefs steal you joy. They allow you to remain a victim of your circumstances, and prevent you from taking action towards healing and reclaiming your happiness.


No More Stealing My Joy

When I realized that I was not a victim of my own life, and noticed that I had failed to see all the choices I was making daily while living around addiction, it was then that I began to shed the limiting beliefs that stole my joy.

In order to break through these limiting beliefs, we must notice the aspects of the cycle that we participate in, and what choices we are making within our daily lives. We need to cultivate awareness within each aspect of our life, as to shed light on the areas that we can begin to change. “Ok,” you say, “that sounds easy…..I’ll just find some awareness and then everything will be all peachy.” I hear the doubts, I had them too.

It really is the first step to healing and reclaiming joy, finding awareness in how the limiting beliefs are preventing your joy, NOT the choices of others. Relying on others actions to bring you joy is ludicrous. Finding awareness in the choices you are making, and cultivating joy from within, that’s magic. And it’s totally possible. I’ve done it.

And it started with finding awareness of my own negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Then learning how to shift into positivity and joy.

How To Shift Away From Limiting Beliefs

It takes time, appropriate tools, and consistency to rewire limiting beliefs.

One tool is Intentional thought work. Let’s change the above mentioned limiting beliefs, through awareness, into intentional thoughts:

  1. If they could just quit, then I could be happy again……..I release control others journey. I find my own happiness from within.
  2. Life could return to normal if they would just stop this crazy addiction……My path is unique. My lessons unique. I am presented with the exact lessons that my soul is ready to embrace.
  3. They have the problem, not me….With every breath my awareness grows deeper. I am open to healing and accept my part of the cycle.
  4. Their addiction is ruining my life, my children’s life, my parents life, my friends life…..I make healthy choices everyday towards my dreams and desires. I am the empowered designer of my life.

When you find yourself jumping through the standard negative thought loop, ask yourself how it is serving you. Notice it, then move into an intentional thought that steers you away from victim mindset and into empowerment. This 7 Minute Yoga to Cultivate Awareness combines slow movement with intentional breathing and intentional thought work to promote the cultivation of awareness throughout your day. We can retrain our thoughts, release the victim mindset, and find joy from within. This allows us to love others exactly where they are along their journey, while enjoying our life to the maximum! Take it slow friends, start with the awareness one thought at a time!

Sending so much light and love!

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