Is Somatic Therapy for Me?

Is Somatic Therapy for Me?

Having lots of variety and options of therapy available for healing is absolutely wonderful!


AND, it can also be absolutely overwhelming…


I get it.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.  Decision paralysis is a real thing– having ALL the choices sounds awesome in theory, but in practice it’s a lot. 


But, we are not going to let that stop us from taking the next step in our healing journey.  Let’s look more closely at Somatic Therapy and see if it could be the right fit for you.


*Would you like to know more about Somatic Therapy in general? I’ve got the rundown for you here.


Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I have body-centered concerns?
    • If it feels as if stress, unease, anxiety, or any of these types of triggers manifest in a physical manner in your body ST can be an incredibly helpful approach.  Perhaps you get a rash when you are stressed or your stomach gets uneasy in certain situations.  This is communication from our body!  At times, you may hear people say that their body “is attacking itself,” but this more the idea that your body is trying to tell you something is not right and help you address it.
  • Does something in my body or my gut just feel “off”?
    • Less obvious than a rash or a stomach ache, you may feel as if something is simply “off” within your system.  Not being able to articulate exactly what isn’t feeling right can be incredibly frustrating, but ST can be a tool to help explore those feelings and work through them.
  • Do I have past or present trauma?
    • Of course, this is a wiiiiiiide spectrum– working through and healing trauma looks different for each person and situation. (note to self, if you live around those suffering from addiction, you most likely fall under this category, think chronic stress, disfunction, uncertainty. All of this can fall under complex trauma, and needs tools for recovery!) ST is a tool, similar to any other form of therapy to aid in this process.  Research has shown us that trauma can be stored in the body and utilizing ST can help make space for healing.
  • Do I feel stuck?
    • This is another one of those feelings that we can deeply feel in our bodies, but it may be hard to articulate.  If you’re feeling stuck, or often experience decision paralysis, or are constantly looking for someone else to make choices for you– ST can be a tool to help you get unstuck.  Literally, use your body as a tool to help yourself wiggle free!
  • Am I excited by the idea of ST?
    • Buy in is HUGE in success with any kind of therapy, so if you’re feeling excited/intrigued/stoked/whatever other “wow this seems cool” kind of feeling there is: trust that!  Lean into that excitement and see how ST works for you.


What You Can Expect

Like all therapy, Somatic Therapy is not a one-and-done magic switch.  Give yourself time to really explore and practice this therapy.  There are such a wide variety of practices that are encompassed in this therapy style.  Allow yourself to explore what is right for you with patience and without judgment.  

Here are a few outcomes that can come from regular Somatic Therapy:

  • Reduction of tension and stress
    • You may notice less physical tension throughout the physical body.  You may also feel a reduction in stress throughout your nervous system
  • Increased self-awareness 
    • You may find a deeper mind-body connection, allowing you to recognize and respond to your emotions in a more regulated way
  • Improved emotional processing 
    • You may experience that emotions that felt difficult to process by talking about them (or even felt impossible to put into words) are easier to “work through” with different somatic practices.
  • Greater resilience
    • You may find that as you become more attune to your emotions and how they feel in your body and your system, you are able to approach challenges in a more regulated manner.

With all of that said, do your best to approach Somatic Therapy practices with an open mind and release your preconceived expectations.  And clearly, that can definitely be easier said than done… but it’s so helpful for letting the magic and healing unfold before you!

Next Steps


Feeling like Somatic Therapy is something you want to explore further?  Perfect!  I’ve got lots of options for ya!


→ Join my Free Somatic Recovery Sessions– no strings attached.  Movement, breathwork, meditation, and connection… the perfect first steps for exploring healing through somatic practices!

→ Reach out and we can chat about working together 1:1 through somatic coaching.


Sending all the love and light your way!

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