KILIMANJARO DAY 5: I allow myself to deeply feel

Above the clouds The air was brisk, a standard for the mornings on the trek. Clouds sat in the distance below, as we emerged from our tents at the Barranco camp on the fifth morning. A pink glow began to sweep over the peaks of Kilimanjaro as the sun began to emerge as well. Coffee, breakfast, pack-up, and customary preparation for the climb ahead. The famous Barranco wall First up, the 1000 ft vertical, famed Barranco wall. Hands and feet, both on deck for this portion of the climb. The pace was slow, as many climbers attempt the to face

KILIMANJARO DAY 4: I pause to soak in the grandeur of nature

Engulfed by clouds The atmosphere felt heavy as the morning approached. Heavy cloud coverage surrounded the campsite as we emerged from the tent for the breakfast routine. A weary tiredness had become the normal, and the dense surroundings seemed to support the bodies desire to climb back into the tent for a few more hours of rest. Not yet, no sleeping in, no extra rest, the summit push was just a few days away. It was critical for acclimatization that we continued to climb high throughout the day and descend in the evening for sleeping. Leaving Moir camp After finishing

KILIMANJARO DAY 3: I assimilate to new places and people with confidence

First view Kilimanjaro The altitude medicine always created an urgency for the restroom. Middle of the night, first thing in the morning, mid hike, sudden urgency (to be totally honest, I’ve always been a pee-er……often and anywhere, so this addition of the altitude medicine didn’t alter my normal restroom adventures too much)! It was after another quick beeline from the tent to the toilet when the first view of Kilimanjaro was evident. It stood tall amidst the lingering flatness of the plateau. Clouds hovered at the base. There was an excitement around the tents, after arriving in Africa 4 days

KILIMANJARO DAY 2: I am strong, I am bold

Coffee in bed Every morning the rustling began around 5:00am. The kitchen crew began preparations for breakfast and morning coffee, which was served right to the tent. Innocent, a soft spoken gentleman whose soul poured light in every direction, was the main waiter. He would deliver all food items from the kitchen tent, where our food engineer and team prepared everything, to the community food tent. We gathered in this tent mostly for breakfast before the trekking embarked for the day as well as in the evenings after our climbing was complete. BUT THE COFFEE, served in the tent at

KILIMANJARO DAY 1: I move boldly in the direction of my dreams

Choosing a guiding company With hundreds of companies to choose from, we went with a guiding company called Climb Kili. Every step of the process was meet with a quick responses to all questions and complete confidence, which helped to calm a bit of anxiety as we sent thousands of dollars overseas. They sent a wonderful preparation package full of information, beanies, stickers, pens and luggage tags, skyrocketing our excitement and anticipation, while helping us to prepare in-depth for the trek!!! We highly recommend Climb Kili to anyone interested in this specific adventure. And we especially recommend Good Luck and

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL: Challenges of Living Around Addiction

Living around addiction is a real struggle The reality of living surrounded by addiction, it’s a real challenge. Or, more honestly, it’s true pain in the ass most of the time. “Challenge” is not even a strong enough word to describe the truth of what people endure while living around addiction. Let’s dive in……. Replaying past challenges and trauma Sometimes, in various pockets of the mind, lie wounds so tender to touch. In an instant, they can release a flash of tears. The extreme feelings of fear and anger, often wrapped in grief, encompass they body like a crashing wave.

Why Kilimanjaro?

Why Kilimanjaro? My early 20’s To put it simply, bucket list item circa 2001. I had written down the highest peaks on each continent and kept it in my wallet. I wanted to climb one of them before I was 30 (Side note, the wallet happened to be an epic Jon Bon Jovi wallet purchased in Greece while studying abroad). The list below was scribbled on a small 2 inch piece of paper, tucked deep inside JBJ.  Africa: Kilimanjaro – 19,340 ft Europe: Mount Elbrus – 18,356 ft North America: Denali – 20,310 ft South America: Mount Aconcagua – 22,840


  An adventurous start I was raised to love adventure. Although I was born in LaGrande, Oregon, it was  before my first birthday that my parents packed up 17 boxes, 3 kids and a cat and headed for a new life in Alaska. My parents were seeking employment opportunities, they weren’t adventure junkies. It was through proxy of the surroundings that our life inherently became intertwined with an outdoor adventure lifestyle. From substance fishing and razor back clamming on the rugged beaches of the Kenai Peninsula, to my dad  shooting moose in the backyard, we used the land and resources

WHY RECOVERY: Those who live around the addicts, are often just as sick as the addict themselves

  I had a friend once ask me, “Why do you call it recovery? What are you recovering from?”   When she asked this question, I had been in my recovery process for several years and it seemed so obvious to me why I was in recovery. As I remember back to the early stages I hadn’t called it recovery. I didn’t have a name for what I needed, I just knew I needed a change, that I was in desperate despair.    At the start of my journey, I had been living around loved ones who struggled severely with

BLOG RE-LAUNCH: My sharing journey begins, again!

Welcome! Thank you for joining me as I begin to share, again! I started to share my journey a while back, hence the early blogs, but life shifted and writing was kept to the journals…..the time has come to share openly and consistently.  This blog is where I will share all the juicy content of my recovery transformation from living in the chaos surrounding addiction, and how I’ve been able to deeply connect to the calm that resides within.  The chaos has not ended. Though with working through my own boundaries it has shifted, chaos still resides. It is my

“Take one step in the direction of your dreams and watch the universe perform miracles to help you.”

– Alexandra Domelle


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