3 Ways to Shed The Stigma Around Addiction

Stigmas Create Shame The stigma around addiction is everywhere. Chalked full of ill thoughts and vile judgements. I have felt the stigma from being a family member, living around addiction. Today we will discuss 3 powerful ways to shed the stigma around addiction. Understanding that the false need to cover up, pretend everything is ‘ok’ and keep quiet, often perpetuates problems and sends all involved into a deepening cycle of isolation and shame. Secrecy Perpetuates The Stigmas Around Addiction Tell me, have you ever found yourself saying or feeling these thoughts: “Shhhhh, don’t say that too loud, people are around.

Simple Yoga For Recovery

Codependency Is Progressive When you have that obsessive emotional and/or psychological reliance on someone else, otherwise known as codependency, is a progressive disease. When your joy is reliant on the actions of others (for me, if my loved ones remained sober or not…we went in depth in this here), it is a huge struggle to change your habits and embrace your own recovery. It takes years to fully manifest throughout your entire life. Once you realize it has taken hold, it can be challenging to begin the process to detach from others behaviors and start your own healing. So, as

Is The Cycle of Addiction Stealing Your Joy?

Their addiction Is Stealing My Joy For years my joy was dependent on the sobriety of others. When their recovery was going well, I would allow myself to feel joy, and see hope. As soon as their recovery started to flounder, so did I. The joy, peace and enjoyment of my life correlated directly with the up and down cycles of my loved ones addiction. I did not understand how to stop the cycle of their addiction from stealing my joy. If you live around loved ones struggling with addiction, you might understand a life centered around the recovery and

How to Calm the F* Down While Living Around Addiction

Crazed With Rage “You need to get ahold of yourself and calm the f* down Heidi.” That was what I told myself, repeatedly, but it did not help. How could I stop going crazy? And the real question, “How to calm the f* down while living around addiction?” My blood was raging, like lava boiling throughout my entire body. An internal sea filled nasty, toxic, murky blood. This negative energy rolled through me as a flood of crude oil invading the pristine beaches of the Maldives Islands. I wanted to turn this spouting gross energy off, and calm down, but

How To Decide When To Stay, Or Go?

Finding Clarity While Living Around Addiction The million dollar questions, that bring such agony while living around those who struggle with addiction. How to decide when to stay, or go? Or sometimes, should they stay or go? Whether you are living with a child, parent, partner or any loved one struggling with addiction, you have probably asked these questions yourself. You understand the heartache and pain associated with the hard reality around of living around the chaos of addiction. I want to tell you that there is a simple, easy, quick fix that can help you transport instantly away from

Why Can’t They Stop Drinking or Drugging?

This Is Madness, Why Can’t They Stop Drinking or Drugging? I remember many early conversations that began to sprout with friends and family as our loved ones began to struggle more deeply with substance addiction. “Why can’t they stop drinking or drugging?” “Is it a disease or a choice?” “How did this get so out of control? “What is happening?” “Why don’t they see that they need help?” “The consequences are getting horrible, not only have lost jobs and financial security, they are beginning to loose custody of their children and all sibilance of the life they worked so hard

How to Help A Loved One Struggling with Addiction?

Your loved one struggles with addiction, what now? I know what you’re looking for……real answers that will 100% help your loved ones stop using substances. Solutions to years of drama cycles, fear, and continuous chaos. Because, if you could just help them find sobriety, everything would be normal, and you could enjoy life again. If you’re anything like me, you want to help your loved one struggling with addiction. Help plan, strategize, fix,……AKA control all the details to help. I mean, I am really good at planning and optimizing life. I rock at creating organized schedules and ensuring outcomes I

What is Addiction?

Understanding Addiction According to the ASAM, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individuals life experiences. People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. Ok, that’s simple to process, right? Not so much! Addiction can be very challenging to understand, as it is a complex problem. And even more complicated when you find yourself surrounded by parents, partners, siblings, or any loved ones who struggle with addiction. Breaking addiction into two categories, chemical

Kilimanjaro Summit Trek- Day 7 & 8

Preparing for Kilimanjaro Summit Trek Sleep was intermittent, interrupted by the nightly bathroom run, chilled body, and anxiety as the early morning approached.  Morning coffee delivery to the tent came early, 1 am. Preparations for the Kilimanjaro Summit hike ensued. Layer stacking began. Thermal wear that was worn to bed was topped by a mid layer, then thicker layer, and finished with the down coat and windproof pants. For the head and throat, a neck warmer, hat, fleece hood, and coat hood, head lamp fastened on top of everything. Single layer of the warmest socks. Hand warmers went inside the

KILIMANJARO DAY 6: I am a powerhouse full of positive flowing energy

Ready to go Morning load up time was always impressive to witness, as our crew would mytholdically organize and load up the gear. We would come out of our breakfast tent and everything would be near ready for departure. Everyone mostly waiting on us to get moving! Once all the gear was shoved in the large duffle bags, the porters and guides carried upward.  The clouds stretched out below that amazing blue sky reached out in front as if were sitting on top of the world.  There was a bustle around  all the campsites as everyone prepared for the upcoming

“Take one step in the direction of your dreams and watch the universe perform miracles to help you.”

– Alexandra Domelle


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