BLOG RE-LAUNCH: My sharing journey begins, again!


Thank you for joining me as I begin to share, again! I started to share my journey a while back, hence the early blogs, but life shifted and writing was kept to the journals…..the time has come to share openly and consistently. 

This blog is where I will share all the juicy content of my recovery transformation from living in the chaos surrounding addiction, and how I’ve been able to deeply connect to the calm that resides within. 

The chaos has not ended.

Though with working through my own boundaries it has shifted, chaos still resides. It is my ability to connect within and find the calm, even while the chaos rages on, that has been most revolutionary for my recovery. 

May my writings bring you hope and encouragement. May my offerings join us together in healing and understanding. 

May we begin to normalize the conversation around addiction, together. 

Sending light + love,


“The measure of wisdom is how calm you are when facing any given situation.” -Naval Ravikant

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