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Somatic Daily Practice Breakdown

Living around addiction can be incredibly hard. Knowing where to start can be even harder. One way to begin your recovery is a simple and effective somatic at-home daily practice! 


You know that feeling where you’re just bursting at the seams to talk about something? Like you got a new dress with pockets for $7 at the thrift store– the second someone compliments that dress you do “ohmygoshthatnkssomuchithasposcketsandwasjust7dollarcanyouebeli…”


Yeah. That feeling.


That’s exactly how I am with my daily practice and healing! It is such an integral part of my recovery AND it’s a tool that anyone can have access to. It’s about 20 minutes (or shorter if needed) of simple somatic movement, breathwork, chanting, and stillness each day. 


It’s simple but incredibly intentional, and has an immense impact on how I move about my day.


Here’s a little insight into Heidi: I am absolutely and without-a-doubt one of those “I LOVE TO LEARN” people. I just am. It’s in my spirit and my soul. And of course, I should share that a big part of this is because I choose to dive into topics that I feel connected to. I’m not forcing myself to slog through material that doesn’t resonate with me (anymore… past life, though, sooooo much slogging!). And…I struggled for years to understand how to hold space for all the pain while living around addiction.

When my docs had no solutions to my mysterious chronic headaches,  unpredictable stomach issues that prevented digestion, and uncontrollable sciatica spasms…. this is when I fiercely began to learn about somatic healing techniques. I needed a solution to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Due to this drive to learn, and living around so many loved one struggling with addiction,  I am a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) 500, CYT 200 Kundalini*, and a certified Somatic Practitioner. That’s a looooot of hours dedicated to learning about movement and healing. *Unfamiliar with Kundalini Yoga? – Check out this blog post where I dive into the basics and my approach to it. 

Naturally, you will see plenty of elements from ALL those modalities throughout my daily practice. Let’s dive into those key aspects of my daily practice.


Okay, if you’ve checked out my blogs on Somatic Therapy (here and here) this likely isn’t going to come as any great shock. Movement is a key part of my healing journey. Movement triggers our bodies natural healing response. Movement lets my body take the lead on questions/trauma/feelings that are keeping my brain stuck.

A woman with her eyes closed sitting with crossed legs on the ground, arms extended out parallel to the ground. She is practicing one posture during her somatic daily practice.


Again, drawing back to my yoga and kundalini training, meditation has become a key component of my daily practice.


Taking time (a little or a lot) to sit with yourself and simply be is something that we don’t get a chance to do in our modern society. We have to intentionally make and set aside that time. 


Incorporating meditation allows me to start my day (or reset in the middle if I had to move my practice later) with a clear and calm nervous system.


Some days, I settle in and absolutely crush it! Other days my mind may wander and I bring it back then it wanders again and I bring it back on repeat for the whole time… Either way, it’s a practice and the point isn’t to “tame” that non-stop chatter of the mind, but to find awareness of the perpetual patterns of the mind…..say hello….and allow them to keep on moving. 


*Admittedly, this aspect is often brought up as the most intimidating of all these elements. If it’s unfamiliar it can be a bit uncomfortable. My advice is to start small (10 breaths? 1 minute?) and practice consistently.



Incorporating chanting into my daily practice is explicitly tied to my background in kundalini. I connect with it deeply. Which to be very clear, has not always been the case! I’m terrified of public speaking and have quite devastating memories of my 9th grade attempt to join the choir. AND I grew up very religious, so singing for church was encouraged, but chanting in repetition… words from sanskrit… most definitely not the norm, and most definitely looked at like the devil’s work (this was just my experience in my sect of Christianity, so not trying to stereotype all here!) So, to stay that I connect with it deeply took a lot softening and rewiring. Now though, – whether it is loud or soft, for short durations or long– it feels incredibly powerful. It helps awaken my inner spirit and energy and I deeply love that part of myself. I’ll go more into some of the benefits and my favorite chants in an upcoming blog! 



In thought, breathing should be the easiest aspect in the daily practice. I mean, we have to do it non-stop for survival, and we do it automatically, so it’s easy right? Just like any other tools, it takes practice to use the breath with intention to help regulate your stress “on and off the mat”.  The breath is my anchor. And using a variety of breathing techniques brings different desired effects to my healing nervous system. Again, I’ll be exploring this aspect of my daily practice in another post more in-depth soon!



So juicy, and impactful, this ancient form of massage is used in the a variety of Chinese Medicine techniques. Thought to move and shift the energy within your body, awaking the “qi” or life force energy by gently applying pressure to regions throughout different channels throughout your physical body. I LOVE this aspect of my daily practice! A self massage to help encourage movement and promote health and healing by targeting different regions of the body…….it feels like magic! My tension can dissolve  I incoroprtate this powerful helaing modality into my daily practice



In my personal daily practice, there are a lot of aspects of repetition. This is something that I brought along with me from my kundalini practices. I repeat movements, I repeat chants, and I repeat the same practice for 40 days! Then, build a new practice for the next 40.


This repetition allows my mind to soften and release some control. By having simple, repetitive movements I’m not constantly thinking about what my next move needs to be, like with some ridiculously complicated yoga flow (no shade to a funky and fun yoga sequence! it’s just not what I need for this particular purpose).


My active thoughts get to quiet and I can settle into the repetition.


Consistency and how it can impact addiction

This is possibly the biggest key for me. Consistent practice is essential in somatic therapy as in everything else. It’s the constant that I can rely on when everything else can feel so unpredictable. This is why it’s so important for me to keep this agreement with myself, to show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 


This isn’t a practice that you only come back to when things feel hard. 


Having a practice that you do in celebration some mornings and sorrow other morning and all the other feelings in between is what gives this practice power. Only practicing when things are hard leads the practice to be associated with hardships; practicing everyday makes it part of your routine that helps bring you through ALL that life throws your way– the good, the bad, and the mundane.


Next Steps


Looking to build your own daily somatic practice?  YES! Love to see it! Here are a few tools that can be helpful:


→ Join my Free Somatic Recovery Sessions where we explore movement, breathwork, meditation, and connection… the perfect first steps for exploring healing through somatic practices!


→ Check out A 40 Day Yoga Journey for Consistency!  If you are unsure of how to create your own supportive daily practice, this is a great place to start. This complete free offering takes you along for my daily practice for 40 days. Each video is about 15 to 20 minutes long and you can simply follow along and see how a practice like this feels for you! 


→ Reach out and apply to work together through 1:1 somatic coaching.


It’s an honor to be on this journey with you!

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